Announcement! Big News!

Hello fine people,

It is with sadness and joy that I step down as owner of Shine On Yoga.


I opened Shine On from a vision of a neighborhood knock around studio. A cozy and friendly place to find our way in…. We have all grown so much in the last 4 years! I am elated with pride and smiles when I think of all the memories. Every single soul played a part in creating this space. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


As most of you already know I live with Type 1 Diabetes. In 2016 – I had numerous other health conditions arise and frankly it has become too much. Additionally, Vito was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 6 months ago. Oy Veh. Retirement sounds earlier than perhaps was thought of before. (Think warmer weather year round )!!


Caring for this gem of a studio has been a dream come true and it is not often that one’s dreams really do become reality. So, I consider myself blessed beyond words.


I plan now to take time to care for myself and be with my family as we celebrate life….

So what happens next??

See below and get to know our new owner, Leah Slagenwhite Leah has assured me that everyone with a package stays honored.


Change is good and life is wonderful.

Not goodbye – only So Long for now…



Hello Yogis,

We are humbled + inspired + grateful to have so fortunately fell into a well-loved yoga home in Ferndale on Woodward. For those of you who are new to Starseed Yoga (formerly West End Yoga), I am Leah, the person who stewards this space + the founder of Starseed Yoga (a division of The West End Yoga Company, LLC).

Starseed Yoga

More than simply physical walls in both Canton and now, with you all, Ferndale, Starseed Yoga is rooted in studying shamanism and yoga through experience + practice. Each time you mention us, you will be reminded of YOU + what you are made of: the seed that is within. Do you want to know who you once were, who you are now, and who you will become? : ) Supporting one another rather than competing, each of our classes and in-depth trainings address all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.



Starseed wisdom comes from higher dimensional planes and seeded in those who choose life on this planet (that would be all of us) to learn the lessons the soul was meant to learn so that we can ultimately, raise our mass consciousness level to that of love. Anyone who takes a class with us has the opportunity to be reminded of who we really are- spiritual beings who are each here on Earth, serving a life sentence in a human body.


We are here on-purpose, with deep, pure intention, to share the wisdom our ancestors gifted us.


I am only 33 years young, but was inspired by finding a new way of responding to life after the loss of a child and diagnosis of Stage IV cancer at age 29. Lost and disconnected as a mother of two little ones, I wanted to create a place to deepen my own practice with like-minded leaders who are as deeply as passionate about the practice as I am, as well as meaningfully connect to others, with the intention to ultimately empower women to find healing at the soul level through the practice of yoga.


Join us on the mat, as we infuse Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), aromatherapy, and yoga philosophy with both modern and primal movement.


Our plan is to add many classes at the 6 AM time-slot over the next month, along with introducing soulful forms of yoga that explore tribal roots + modern application of ancient wisdom.


We will honor all existing Shine On Yoga Packages until they expire.


You are welcome to jump onto our pricing structure prior to the Shine On Yoga expiration date and save an ADDITIONAL 15% OFF ALL PACKAGES (and off the first month of our Inner Circle monthly membership). Redeem in-studio only (so get into class!)


All Shine On Yoga Members must create an account in Wellness Living. We will send a Welcome Email on Monday, March 13 with a link to create your password. (If you need any assistance, Client Care information is below).


Think about deepening your yoga practice in Ferndale (begins May 20th) or Canton (May 6th) this Summer 2017, as I guide you through one of the most robust, comprehensive yoga curriculum while also studying shamanism.


Whether it’s learning not only the basics of Sanskrit, but why it matters, to accelerating your own personal evolution, this course offers a full immersion into life-changing aspects of the practice. The program includes hands-on teaching opportunities AND unlimited access membership so that you can receive one-on-one mentor-ship and deepen your yogic roots in our communities. As we begin to do the work and heal and transform ourselves, we can begin to heal the world. We look forward to connecting with you, yogis.


The mindset and philosophy that has helped me get out of survival mode into thriving is Rumi’s eloquent quote, “Live life as though it is rigged in your favor.”


Because it is,
Leah Slagenwhite
Founder, Starseed Yoga (The West End Yoga Company, LLC)

Shine On Yoga

22751 Woodward Avenue

Ferndale, Michigan 48220